NLVA Molson Senior League Policies and Procedures 2023-2024

Important Registration FAQ

  • I think I’ve registered my team, but I am not sure it went through?
    • Log into your account, and you can check your receipts under the “Events-Order History”, or you can see if your team shows up under the “Squads-Manager”. If your team is not showing, please re-register the team.
  • I forgot to add 1 player to my roster, what do I do?
    • Under the “Squads-Manager” you will see an “Edit” (pencil and paper icon) and an “Info” (i). Click on the edit icon and you can send the signup link, or if you click next, you will be able to add/remove players from the roster
  • I need to remove 1 player to my roster, what do I do?
    • Under the “Squads-Manager” you will see an “Edit” (pencil and paper icon) and an “Info” (i). Click on the edit icon and you can send the signup link, or if you click next, you will be able to add/remove players from the roster
  • I need a receipt to bring to my sponsor. Where can I find that?
    • Log into your account, under the “Events-Order History” click under the NLVA adult league registration, and there is a red “Print Receipt” button at the top of the page
  • Can I pay for all my players memberships when I register the team?
    • No. The system requires that each player sign up for a Sportlomo account and complete the membership registration and payment individually.
  • I have added all my players to the roster, but some have not accepted. Can they still participate in our games?
    • No. Players are not permitted to participate until the team registration shows that they have accepted their roster spot on the team

Male teams will register as one division.
Female teams will register for division A, B or C.

Rosters will be a maximum of 12 players and a minimum of 8.
Rostered university/college volleyball athletes are not eligible to participate in the league for the 2021.
Teams are only permitted one player from grade 10-11-12. 
A team playing an ineligible player will be fined $100.00 per occurrence.

Adding Players:

  • When adding players, the player must be registered with your team and NLVA before they can play. Failure to do so will result in a $100.00 fine for using a non-rostered player.
  • Teams are not allowed to add players once the playoffs begin.
    All registered players are eligible for playoffs, regardless of the number of matches played.
  • Each team will have to appoint 2 team contacts. These names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers must be e-mailed to Russ, Noel and Eric.
  • All issues must be communicated to the NLVA through the team contacts.  No other team members are permitted to contact NLVA staff for issues pertaining to the league. Please contact Noel Lilly at or Eric Hiscock at  and cc. Russ Jackson at
  • All concerns must be e-mailed and written in a professional manner.
  • All injuries must be reported to the NLVA immediately as reports have to be submitted for insurance purposes.

Match Protocol
Match start times will be 6:00pm/ 6:50pm/ 7:35pm/ 8:25pm/ 9:10pm/10:00pm
Courts can proceed at their own speed. Matches may start ahead of scheduled time if both teams are ready and agree to play. However, no game will be defaulted before the scheduled start time.

There will be one rated official as 1st referee. (S)he will be responsible for keeping score, recording score, and submitting scores.
Before the match, team captains are to register their team on the score sheet.
After the match, team captains are to sign the score sheet to verify that the results are entered correctly. If a captain fails to sign the sheet, they will forfeit any right to dispute the submitted results.
Warm up will be 7 minutes (2min-pepper/2min-hit/2min-hit/1min-serve).

The game ball used for this year’s league will be the Mikasa V200W.

Teams must provide their own balls for warm-up

  • Jewelry Rule – As per Volleyball Canada Rules, all jewelry must be removed or taped before each match.  Players will not be permitted on the floor until it is taped or removed.
  • Where NLVA and VC may differ on an interpretation, NLVA will be used.
  • All players must be in good standing with the NLVA.
  • Teams are required to be in uniform by the first playing night in November. A uniform consists of matching jerseys and shorts. The jerseys have to be numbered front and back. Exception: The libero’s top must be of a different colour than the team jerseys. The libero jersey does not have to be numbered.
    Comment: “Matching” means the same, not almost the same. If a team has a uniform issue, then check with one of the league co-ordinators.Exceptions can be made in extreme or medical situations.
  • A player will not be allowed on the court unless they have the correct uniform.
  • Exception: If this situation would mean that the team would have to default, then the player will be allowed to play, but a $50.00 fine will be assessed the team.  The team will not be assessed more than $50.00 in one night. The fine will have to be paid before they play on their next scheduled night.

Each team will have a 7minute warm-up. After the warm-up, if a team has less than 5 players ready, Volleyball Canada rules for defaults will apply. (The first set is defaulted immediately. After 15 minutes, the second set is defaulted.)

  • PLAYING WITH 5 PLAYERS: In an effort to reduce the number of defaults, a team will be permitted to play with 5 players. However, this will be allowed a maximum of 1 time only.
  • The team will play with a “ghost” player starting in position 6 (centre back).
  • This ghost must maintain their position in the rotation.
  • When it is the ghost’s turn to serve, there will be an automatic loss of rally called and the other team will rotate and serve.
  • If a sixth player arrives once the match has started, (s)he can “substitute” into the ghost’s position. This will still count as a match using the ghost player.
    Penalties for defaulting matches are as follows:
  • 1st Night (1 or 2 Matches)- $100.00
  • < >< >Teams will be able to appeal the default fine with a written letter before the following within 48 hours of the default.

All courts are clearly visible and adhere to Volleyball Canada and FIVB regulations. Between courts there are barriers preventing players from crossing into other courts. As these barriers are there for the safety of players, contacting the barrier or jumping over the barrier in the actions of playing the ball is not allowed. The referee will stop play and award a loss of rally to the other team. Reaching beyond the barrier to play the ball, without touching or jumping over the barrier, is permitted.

Fines, for whatever reason, will have to be paid before the team’s next night of play.

The league will not be responsible for anything lost or stolen during league play. As well, anyone caught stealing balls from another team or the NLVA will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season and be the subject of a hearing of the NLVA executive.

All athletes/ officials/ spectators/ etc must have indoor footwear for use in the NL Sports Centre.
No food or drink with the exception of water is permitted inside the Sports Centre. Individuals/ teams not adhering to these rules may be asked to leave by the Sports Centre Staff.

Please contact Russ Jackson at

  • Collect the lineup cards from the team captains/coach.
  • There will be modified flip charts that will attach to the referee stand. Officials will be required to keep the score during a match.
  • Fill out the modified score sheet, have the team captains or coaches sign the sheet, and then submit it to the league coordinator.