2023 Rules:

Regular volleyball rules apply except for the following Co-Ed exceptions: 

  • Net height is at 2.24 m (19u women’s net height)
  • Males can only attack from back row
  • 2 Males cannot block together
  • Jump serving is not permitted
  • Free substitution rule is in effect (you may sub players in, after a rally has been whistled down without calling a substitution.) This can only be done for a player who has just finished serving!
  • There is a maximum of 3 males on the court, there is no minimum. A team can consist of 6 females if they wish. Teams MUST have 6 players; you will default if you only have 5 players.
  • Match times are approximate and teams should be there 10 minutes prior to their match just in case the prior match is completed before the given.

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