Registration is not yet available for the  Team NL tryout.  The tryout will be held April 12-13-14 at Memorial University.

Please note there will be no regional ID sessions in 2024. All athletes must attend the April tryout session.

The deadline for registration is one week prior to the ID camp!


All athletes must have a COMPLETED registration prior to the deadline each year. Some registrations only make it to the CREATED stage. You will need to ensure you have a payment receipt in order to participate in the ID session.

How To Register

Log into your Sportlomo Account

Under the “Events Tab” click Buy

Choose the Team NL program you would like to register for

Click the Register Now button directly to right of drop down menu

Check you purchase history to ensure the registration is completed.

*Note* If the program shows in your purchase history, you have correctly registerd.

Team NL ID exemption information

Athletes who cannot attend an ID session can apply for an exemption. This exemption would permit the athlete to join the Team NL Summer programs without attending an ID session. Once the exemption information has been received, the Coach and Athlete Development Committee (CAD) will review each submission and determine if the exemption will be granted.

Exemptions must be submitted before the registration deadline (1 week prior to the 1st ID Camp). For incidents that occur between the registration deadline and the ID camp, exemption information must be submitted prior to the ID camp date.

Please see the exemption information below:

An athlete must be registered for the ID session and meet at least 2 of the following criteria in order for an exemption to be considered

1) Have past Team NL experience, and submit a document outlining the program and year of participation
2) Have a Team NL coach (Selection or EEC) provide a written letter of support and describe in detail which program the athlete is suited for
3) Be willing to have their performance viewed at a provincial championship (NLVA events only)
4) Submit a player resume, outlining past and current teams, placings, events attended, and any accolades 

If at least 2 of the criteria are met, a formal letter must be submitted to the Coach and Athlete Development Committee before the registration deadline (For issues between the deadline and the tryout, send the information as soon as possible). It should explain in detail the rationale for the exemption request, as well the obstacles preventing them from attending an ID session in another region. Any supporting documentation from the above criteria should also be included. Requests can be send to Luke Harris (NLVALULKE@SPORTNL.CA)

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Canada Games 2025 Training

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