Important update to Coach Memberships

There has been an update to coach membership registration, please see below

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Sterling Background Checks are now available

How do I become a coach?

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More details on the NCCP E-Learning to come soon!

For any information regarding coaching certification please click below:
The Coaching Certification Policy 2021-2023

The Newfoundland and Labrador Volleyball Association’s Coach Eligibility Requirements are to ensure that all coaches participating in Provincial Championships have the knowledge and training necessary to provide every athlete with a safe, inclusive, and responsible sport experience.

Guiding Principles:

  • All athletes have the right to a NCCP Certified coach.
  • All coaches have the responsibility to:
    • Have the required training to provide an environment that is physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially safe for all athletes and participants.
    • Have the required training to be able to provide a responsible learning environment that incorporates VC’s teaching methodologies, technical guidelines, and long-term athlete development principles.
    • Ensure that all training is current and updated as required, to be able to provide a safe and responsible sport experience for all.

In order to meet the NLVA’s coaching requirements please follow these steps:

  1. Read the updated coaching certification policy (link above)
  2. Register as a coach in the NCCP locker ( 
  3. Register as a coach in the Volleyball Canada Coaching Center  (
  4. In the Volleyball Canada Coaching Centre you can:
  • 1) Complete the “Foundations of volleyball E-Learning Module
  • From the Status Section of the VC Coaching Center, under the Development Coach section, click on “Register” in the Foundations of volleyball row.

  • After you register for the E-Learning, and complete the payment ($89), progress through the module at your own pace. You can stop module at any point and resume from where you left off. To complete the Making Head way module:
  • 2) Complete the Making Headway Module (Free of Charge)
  • 3) Complete the MED Online Evaluation *Please note* Coaches who take the  Free in person MED workshop, will get a coupon code to take the MED Online Evaluation for Free. Coaches who do not take the in person MED workshop, will have to pay an $85 fee. To register for the In Person Workshop, log into your NCCP locker, and under the Calendar Tab, you will see all upcoming courses. You can also contact Coaching NL for help or more information <>
  • ​4) Once you have completed the foundations of Volleyball you can register for the In Person workshop. To register you must be logged into your VC Coaching center account, and you must have set up your NCCP locker profile. In the VC Coaching Center, click on “Register” under the Volleyball In Person Workshop row.

*Please Note* The NLVA Runs this course over a 3 day period (not 2) and typically runs on a Friday (530pm-10pm) and Saturday and Sunday (9am-5pm)

Once you have completed the above items, you will have met the Certification standard for the 2020 season.

Important Items

  1. At all Provincial Championship events, there must be a coach on the bench who meets the standard at all times. The Head coach must meet the certification standard.
  2. For coaches who received the “Certified” Status under the old NCCP system, please read the Coaching certification document above for more information.

Coaching Pathway information

Indoor Stream
Development Coach (Former Level 1)
Advanced Development Coach (Former Level 2)
Performance Coach (Former Level 3)

Beach Stream
Development Coach (Former Level 1)
Advanced Development Coach (Former Level 2)
Performance Coach (Former Level 3)

Volleyball Canada Coaching Requirements

All Volleyball Canada coaching requirements can be found at

Professional Development Credits

On January 1st, 2014, Volleyball Canada complied with the Coaches Association of Canada’s (CAC) NCCP Professional Development policy and procedures.  Coaches who are Development Coach certified will now receive credit within the Locker database for approved professional development experiences.  Once all remaining courses are approved by the CAC, then these certified coaches will also begin to receive credit.  In order to maintain certification Development Coaches will need to accrue 20 points over a period of 5 years.  Please review the CAC’s FAQ for all the details.

*For Non-NCCP activities, and coach self-directed activities, coaches must get approval from Volleyball Canada (PTA’s may be given authority to approve) to confirm that credit can be claimed.  Procedures for PTA submission of PD points is described in the “Submission of Partner Delivered Non-NCCP PD FAQ” document. Contact Volleyball Canada for a copy of this document.