NLVA Coaching Information

The Newfoundland and Labrador Volleyball Association’s Coach Eligibility Requirements are to ensure that all coaches participating in events have the knowledge and training necessary to provide every athlete with a safe, inclusive, and responsible sport experience.

Coaching Requirements for Each NLVA Event 2023-2024

The guiding principles behind this policy are:

  • All athletes have the right to a NCCP Certified coach.
  • All coaches have the responsibility to:
    • Have the required training to provide an environment that is physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially safe for all athletes and participants.
    • Have the required training to be able to provide a responsible learning environment that incorporates VC’s teaching methodologies, technical guidelines, and long-term athlete development principles.
    • Ensure that all training is current and updated as required, to be able to provide a safe and responsible sport experience for all.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Safe Sport

  • MED Online Evaluation

  • Making Headway

These elements should be completed before coaches begin training with athletes, regardless of age

Coaching Certification

Coaching Certification has 3 elements: NCCP Multi Sport training, Volleyball Specific Training, and Coaching Evaluation
NCCP Multi Sport

Each coaching stage (Development, Advanced Development, Performance) has different NCCP requirements. For more information on which courses pertain to you, please visit Volleyball Canada’s Pathways.

Volleyball Specific Training

Each Coaching Stage has different sport specific training. To register for one of these workshops, you must log into your Volleyball Canada Coaching Centre and view all available courses. (Please note: as courses get scheduled, notice is provided through this system. It is a good idea to make sure you are not unsubscribed from these emails)

Coaching Evaluation

Once you have completed all of the required elements of a coaching stage, you can request to be evaluated in your coaching context. Coaches should request this evaluation once they are comfortable with the information presented in all of the courses in the stage. To register, you again log into your Volleyball Canada Coaching Centre and click on the “Evaluation” to get in touch with an evaluator.

The NLVA has a specific set of requirements for coaches who wish to participate in events. This policy changes year to year, and does differ from Volleyball Canada’s policy. The NLVA’s coaching policy can be found here and Volleyball Canada’s can be found here

To start the Coach registration process, visit this page to see how to get started

At many NLVA events, teams are required to provide a scorekeeper. This includes both the Score (Both Flip charts and electronic score clocks). It is a good idea to familiarize coaches, athletes and parents with these duties.

For any coaches wanting a digital version of the NLVA scoresheet, or the training presentation see below:

NLVA Scoresheet

Training Presentation